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Chronicles of the Ancient World 3500 BC - 476 AD
Price: 64.00 GEL
Author: John Haywood
Language: English
ISBN: 9781780873213
Pages: 336
Weight: 1.7 kg
Status: In Stock

The ancient world saw dramatic change and remarkable discovery, where history and myth stood side by side. It was a time when groundbreaking feats of intellectual, political and the greatest of empires rose and fell. Sumeria, c. 3500 BC, witnessed the birth of the world's very fast city by the rich and fertile banks of the Uruk. Over the next four millenia, the social and cultural landscape would change beyond recognition as many of history's most important kingdoms and cities took root.  Interviewing Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman history, this book follows these burgeoning empires over 4000 years, examining the delicate balance of power as they vied for territory, conquest and glory. From Alexander the Great's 22000-mile march on Persia to Attila the Hun's plunder of the Roman empire, John Haywood brings the most crucial battles and decisive campaigns to life, and examines the extraordinary cultural achievements of these civilizations - the first written words, the spectacular works of architecture, the growth of democracy and the spread  of religions - that changed ouor world forever.         

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