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ბოლო ზარი ოქროს ხანა
Price: 14.90 GEL
Author: ლაშა ბუღაძე
Language: Georgian
ISBN: 9789941157592
Pages: 357
Weight: 0.88 kg
Status: In Stock

"Golden Age" was first published in 2004, "last call" - in 2006. Both the novel writer with the humor, irony and sarcasm to describe the life of the young: how they become old boys politicians; How to build churches and to set up a Joint family of drug addicts in the distant Britain and Datuna Shotiko Tbilisi ... Tbilisi teenagers having fun, why should the school explosion of Famous, in short, how to spend their life in "Golden Era" of the novel's characters. Narrated cheerful and funny and troubling news in an interesting blend with one another and novels are read in one breath.

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