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Excursions in the Caucasus
Price: 52.00 GEL
Author: Carla Serena
Language: English
ISBN: 97809914263217
Pages: 206
Weight: 1 kg
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Who was Mme Carla Serena and why is her Excursions in the Caucasus (1875-1881) of significant

interest and importance? In brief, no English-language source offers any adequate

information on her and her narratives, which since their near-contemporaneous one-time

publication in the monthly magazine Le Tour du Monde have become entirely but undeservedly

overlooked. She does not appear to have left a body of letters or to have been the subject

of anything more than a very few news-of-the-day stories that did little more than praise her

for her travels and name the countries she had visited; there were no personal revelations. In

1881 Carla published Mon Voyage: Souvenirs personnels – De la Baltique а la Mer Caspienne,

but the four chapters that revisit her journeys in the Caucasus add very little that is personal

or new. Mme Serena is indeed a “lost traveler.”

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