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Hidden Tbilisi: Sololaki
Price: 13.90 GEL
Author: Anna Bogush
Language: English, Russian
ISBN: 9789941158421
Pages: 112
Weight: 0.376 kg
Status: In Stock

Every city has its charm and zest. Tbilisi is distinguished for the entrance halls of residential buildings in its Old Town. All of Tbilisi's vestibules are different. They can be ostentatious or modest, are often dilapidated, but still feature some astonishingly beautiful murals.  Tbilisi is also notable for its picturesque marbla and wrought iron staircases, its facades and carved wooden balconies. They are all different and have no parallels in the same noighbourhood or even in another district.  This guidebook will walk you through the districts of Old Tbilisi. There are separate guides for Kala. Metekhi, Sololaki, Garetubani, Mtatsminda, Vere, Vardisubani, Vake, Kukia and Chughureti.

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