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Botanical Portraits with Coloured Pencils
Price: 34.00 GEL
Author: Ann Swan
Language: English, English
ISBN: 9780764169748
Pages: 128
Weight: 1 kg
Status: In Stock

A successfully executed work of botanical art is an exacting blend of scientific accuracy and aesthetic beauty. This lavishly illustrated volume offers practical, step-by-step instruction for creating professional quality colored pencil illustrations of flowers, foliage, fruits, and other botanical subjects. Colored pencils serve as an excellent alternative to the traditional practice of rendering botanical art in watercolors because pencils are far easier to use and control, yet can produce equally outstanding results. The author instructs in the use of both water-soluble and oil-based colored pencils, and presents progressive illustrations that demonstrate the rendering of an artwork from start to completion. She advises on choosing materials and offers guidelines for getting to know each flower or plant before starting an illustration. All aspects of working with colored pencils are covered, including underpainting, layering and burnishing, mixing and building up color, and adding those finishing touches that bring a botanical subject fully to life. She also presents works by other botanical artists to show students a wide range of styles. The book features approximately 200 beautiful and instructive color illustrations.

From the Reviews:
Botanical Portraits with Colored Pencils offers the first practical guide to creating botanical artworks using colored pencils. The usual format is watercolors - which can be demanding. Colored pencils have become more popular for detail work among botanical artists, and their use here focuses on their visual effects and the basics of matching colors and achieving detail in botanical drawings. Any botanical artist needs this.
Midwest Book Review

"An invaluable book for all botanical artists wanting to try this medium."
Society of Botanical Artists (U.K.)

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