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Our Kind Of Traitor
Price: 26.50 GEL
Author: John Le Carre
Language: English
ISBN: 9780241975015
Pages: 387
Weight: 0.378 kg
Status: In Stock

Two young lovers find themselves in the darkening basement of an anonymous house in Bloomsbury. In the same room sit two members of Britain's intelligence service. And they want information. 

The couple, Perry and Gail, have just returned from holiday in the Caribbean where they met the mysterious Dima, a Russian millionaire in fear for his life. The Russian thinks that only the unlikely figure of Perry can save him. And Dima has cash - and he is prepared to pay. 

Their meeting will propel Perry and Gail on a terrifying journey from London to Paris and on to a safe house deep in the Swiss Alps. When there is that much money at stake, and a British government that needs it that badly, certain sacrifices, even if it means a life or two, will have to be made...

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