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War And Peace
Price: 99.00 GEL
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Language: English
ISBN: 9780679405733
Pages: 600
Weight: 1.936 kg
Status: In Stock

Three-Volume Boxed Set Translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude War and Peace broadly focuses on Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812 and follows three of the most well-known characters in literature: Pierre Bezukhov, the illegitimate son of a count who is fighting for his inheritance and yearning for spiritual fulfillment; Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, who leaves his family behind to fight in the war against Napoleon; and Natasha Rostov, the beautiful young daughter of a nobleman who intrigues both men. As Napoleon's army invades, Tolstoy brilliantly follows characters from diverse backgrounds--peasants and nobility, civilians and soldiers--as they struggle with the problems unique to their era, their history, and their culture. And as the novel progresses, these characters transcend their specificity, becoming some of the most moving--and human--figures in world literature. (Book Jacket Status: Not Jacketed)

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