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A New History of Italian Renaissance Art
Price: 169.00 GEL
Author: Michael Cole, Stephen Campbell
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-500-23975-9
Pages: 700
Weight: 6.2 kg
Status: In Stock

Campbell and Cole, respected teachers and active researchers, draw on traditional and current scholarship to present complex interpretations in this new edition of their engaging account of Italian Renaissance art. The book's unique decade-by-decade structure is easy to follow, and permits the authors to tell the story of art not only in the great centres of Rome, Florence and Venice, but also in a range of other cities and sites throughout Italy, including more in this edition from Naples, Padua and Palermo. This approach allows the artworks to take centre-stage, in contrast to the book's competitors, which are organized by location or by artist. Other updates for this edition include an expanded first chapter on the Trecento, and a new 'Techniques and Materials' appendix that explains and illustrates all of the major art-making processes of the period. Richly illustrated with high-quality reproductions and new photography of recent restorations, it presents the classic canon of Renaissance painting and sculpture in full, while expanding the scope of conventional surveys by offering a more thorough coverage of architecture, decorative and domestic arts, and print media. Table of Contents Introduction • 1. 1300-1400: The Trecento Inheritance • 2. 1400-1410: The Cathedral and the City • 3. 1410-1420: Commissioning Art: Standardization, Customization, Emulation • 4. 1420-1430: Perspective and Its Discontents • 5. 1430-1440: Practice and Theory • 6. 1440-1450: Palace and Church • 7. 1450-1460: Rome and Other Romes • 8. 1460-1470: Courtly Values • 9. 1470-1480: What Is Naturalism? • 10. 1480-1490: Migration and Mobility • 11. 1490-1500: The Allure of the Secular • 12. 1500-1510: Human Nature • Italian Renaissance Materials and Techniques • Chronology of Rule 1400-1600: Key Centers • Glossary • Bibliographical Notes and Suggestions for Further Reading • Sources of Quotations

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