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Religion and Identity in Russia and the Soviet Union
Price: 69.90 GEL
Author: Edited by Nikolaos Chrissidis, Cathy Potter, David Schimmelpennick van der Oye and Jennifer Spock
Language: English
ISBN: 9780893573799
Pages: 266
Weight: 0.484 kg
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Paul Bushkovitch's scholarship on the political, religious, and cultural history of Russia has enriched the field for over 35 years. This volume celebrates Bushkovitch's contributions by bringing together a series of essays by his students. Focusing on the themes of religion and identity, they investigate an array of topics that reflects Bushkovitch's own scholarly range, among them Russian Orthodoxy's energetic adaptation to Russia s changing domestic and international conditions; Russian self-perceptions and interaction with foreigners; and foreigners' views of Russians. Collectively, these contributions cover a wide chronological span that bridges the gap between early modernists and modernists in the fields of Russian and Soviet history.

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