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Price: 19.00 GEL
Author: Michael Marshall Smith
Language: English
ISBN: 9780006512677
Pages: 317
Weight: 0.25 kg
Status: In Stock

Talking fridges, human clone farms, flying shopping malls – we must be in the Michael Marshall Smith zone. A world all too close to our own…

Spares – human clones, the ultimate health insurance. An eye for an eye – but some people are doing all the taking.

Spares – the story of Jack Randall: burnt-out, dropped out, and way overdrawn at the luck bank. But as caretaker on a Spares Farm, he still has a choice, and it might make a difference…if he can run fast enough.

Spares – a breathless race through strange, disturbing territories in a world all too close to our own.

Spares – it’s fiction. But only just…

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