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1001 Photographs You Must See Before You Die
Price: 70.00 GEL
Author: Paul Lowe
Language: English
ISBN: 9781844039173
Pages: 960
Weight: 2 kg
Status: In Stock

From the oldest surviving photograph from 1826, to Trump's election win in 2016, this is a chronological tour through the greatest images ever captured, and an all-inclusive guide to the art of photography.

Featuring photographs from around the world and by myriad different photographers, readers can discover all the big names, from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams to Helmut Newton, and many more besides.

Whether you are already a photography buff looking to widen your scope of knowledge, or a photography newbie looking for a concise yet comprehensive guide to the most iconic photographs of all time, this book is for you.

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