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Biliki 3 Student Book
Price: 92.80 GEL
Author: Nana Shavtvaladze
Language: Georgian
ISBN: 9789941068447
Pages: 340
Weight: 1 kg
Status: In Stock
Reading Materials III contains three books. B2 level of language proficiency. The twelve chapters
of Biliki III student textbook are in line with the content and the interviews. In this book:
Part 1 contains active dialogues
Part 2 contextual texts oriented on exercises for lexicon and text understanding
Part 3 belongs to the cluster dictionary with its authentic examples.
BILIKI is a multi-level course designed to take students from first introduction to Georgian up
to a fully proficient use of the language.
BILIKI III provides stimulation input and encourage discussion, making learning interesting and
relevant to today’s world. The clear organization with each lesson means the book is easy and
enjoyable to use.
BILIKI III Student book offers unique choice flexibility in teaching and learning Georgian. The
level is B2 the 12 chapters and 3 progress checks of the Student’s book provide a core syllabus
of a minimum of 80 hours work. the resource packs contain optional communicative activities
linked to the Student’s Book, which can be used to supplement lessons, revise specific language
and structures, and provide variety in class.


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