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Cages On Opposite Shores
Price: 27.50 GEL
Author: Janset Berkok Shami
Language: English
ISBN: 9781566561570
Pages: 212
Weight: 0.266 kg
Status: In Stock

Set against the conflicts and tensions of modern-day Turkey, Meral's search for identity and renewal, after leaving her husband of eleven years, leads in unexpected and poinful directions. Living among the dusty artifacts in the deserted rooms of her deceased mother's house, Meral discoveres her mother's diary, begun as a young girl. realizing for the first time her part-armenian heritage, Meral struggles to redefine her self-identity. As she delves deeper into the diary, she learns more and more about her mother's early life. She learns that her grandmother was saved from the massacre by her grandfather; and how her mother suffered for having an Armenian mother. Every reading session shocks her, but also increases her knowledge of herself. Her quest broaders as she develops deepening ties with a reducive poet Orphan and Meral herself fight for release from the strictures that limit their lives.

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