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Rainforest Light and Spirit
Price: 55.00 GEL
Author: Harry Holcroft
Language: English
ISBN: 9781851495771
Pages: 196
Weight: 1.5 kg
Status: In Stock

Artist Harry Holcroft has visited many of the tropical equatorial rainforests of the world in his quest to paint images of this wonderful ecosystem. With the typical observational powers of an artist he has noticed considerable differences in the colour of the forests of the different continents. His stunning watercolours and sketches bring these remote regions to life on the page. Alongside the pictures, Harry's diary entries from his travels share with us his thoughts and observations. To complement Harry Holcroft's artistic presentation, Professor Sir Ghillean T. Prance's text gives the reader a scientific insight into the varying physiognomies of the great rainforests of America, Africa and Malaysia, explaining their history, the vegetation and some of the striking plants and animals to be found in these forests.He discusses some of the reasons why, although there are striking similarities between different areas, the rainforest is not a single uniform type of vegetation. Even within regions there is much variation to be seen by the visitor that travels around the Amazon region, the Congo Basin or the island of Borneo.
He also stresses the vital importance of the world's rainforests as both a source of biodiversity and for its role in stabilising the climate. This book, views the rainforest through the eyes of both the scientist and the artist, who shows us the colour, the light, the diversity of the greens and blues of the vegetation, and, above all, the spirit and very essence of the rainforest.

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