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Deliverance From Evil
Price: 25.90 GEL
Author: Frances Hill
Language: English
ISBN: 9780715640876
Pages: 320
Weight: 0.238 kg
Status: In Stock

"Salem, Massachusetts, Winter 1692: " In the parsonage of Reverend Samuel Parris, two young girls are seated by the fire and play at fortune-telling as snow falls softly outside. What starts as a game sends one of the girls into a hysterical trance, and a small town begins its descent into madness. Accusations of witchcraft would destroy lives and old scores would be settled. Over 150 people would be arrested and imprisoned, with even more accused of consorting with the devil. In "Deliverance from Evil," Frances Hill brings her deep historical and political understanding together with her honed skills as a novelist to produce a picture of the Salem witch trials both realistic and emotional.

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