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Kingdom of the Deep (Shark Wars #4)
Price: 16.70 GEL
Author: E.J. Altbacker
Language: English
ISBN: 9780141340005
Pages: 230
Weight: 0.170 kg
Status: In Stock

Shark Wars grows more epic--and addictive--with every book, publishing each season! Peace has finally come to the Big Blue and with it a revelation: Gray is not the last megalodon in the ocean after all. Gray swims deeper into the mystery of his family heritage, uncovering the myth of the megalodons and a legend that goes back to prehistoric times. But when the scheming mako Velenka breaks free from her underwater prison, the peace Gray and Barkley have fought so hard to win is threatened. Shark Wars is "Star Wars" set underwater--it's a modern-day "Warriors" for today's hungry readers!

თბილისური ამბავი
7.90 GEL
უღუ და თეთ და...
უღუ და თეთ და სხვა მოთხრობები
7.90 GEL
მოხვაშიადე ია...
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