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Between Sea and Sahara: An Orientalist Adventure
Price: 29.00 GEL
Author: Eugene Fromentin
Language: English
ISBN: 1850434042
Pages: 203
Weight: 0.344 kg
Status: In Stock

Between Sea and Sahara is one of the great classics of travel-writing about the Middle East - a landmark in the story of Europe's fascination with 'the Orient'. Travelling in Algeria in the third decade of French colonisation, Eugene Fromentin weaves a tale of passion, drama and adventure, a masterpiece that established him as one of the foremost Orientalists of the age. His influence extended beyond the literary and artistic circles of Europe to inspire the political rhetoric of the mid-nineteenth century and reflect France's imperial developement in the region. In his desire to capture the spirit of 'the Orient', on paper as well as canvas, Fromentin reveals much about the roots of a colonial relationship which continues to affect Algeria today. This is a work of stunning originality and insight - a vivid portrayal of the way in which the West has historically perceived the East.

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