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Caucasus & Regional interest
12 Short Stories: A Key to the Georgian...
12 Short Stories: A Key to the Georgian Mentality
13.80 GEL
The Vainakhs (the Chechen and Ingush)
18.00 GEL
Georgian Poetry
18.00 GEL
Le Preux a la Peau de Tigre
25.00 GEL
Trois Poemes
16.30 GEL
The Golden Age
20.00 GEL
Imperial Istanbul: a Travellers Guide...
Imperial Istanbul: a Travellers Guide Includes Iznik, Bursa & Edirne
32.00 GEL
From Nyet to Da: Understanding the New...
From Nyet to Da: Understanding the New Russia
35.50 GEL
Empowering Women In Russia: Activism,...
Empowering Women In Russia: Activism, Aid and NGOs
49.70 GEL
Illustrated Manuscripts of...
Illustrated Manuscripts of Vepkhistkaosani
50.00 GEL
Edge Of Empires: A History Of Georgia
120.00 GEL
The Post-Soviet Wars: Rebellions,...
The Post-Soviet Wars: Rebellions, Ethnic Conflict, and Nationhood in the Caucasus
59.00 GEL
Tracking a Diaspora: Emigres from...
Tracking a Diaspora: Emigres from Russia and Eastern Europe in the Repositories
49.00 GEL
Between Sea and Sahara: An Orientalist...
Between Sea and Sahara: An Orientalist Adventure
29.00 GEL
Chechen Jihad: Al Qaedas Training...
Chechen Jihad: Al Qaedas Training Ground and the Next Wave of Terror
39.00 GEL