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Caucasus & Regional interest
Istanbul: A Cultural History
31.00 GEL
Five Georgian Folk Tales
12.50 GEL
The Orientalist
29.40 GEL
Flight From The USSR
8.00 GEL
The Story Of An Idealist
25.50 GEL
14.90 GEL
12 Short Stories: A Key to the Georgian...
12 Short Stories: A Key to the Georgian Mentality
13.80 GEL
Shah of Shahs
19.00 GEL
The Vainakhs (the Chechen and Ingush)
18.00 GEL
Georgian Poetry
18.00 GEL
Le Preux a la Peau de Tigre
25.00 GEL
Trois Poemes
16.30 GEL
The Golden Age
20.00 GEL
Imperial Istanbul: a Travellers Guide...
Imperial Istanbul: a Travellers Guide Includes Iznik, Bursa & Edirne
32.00 GEL
From Nyet to Da: Understanding the New...
From Nyet to Da: Understanding the New Russia
35.50 GEL
Empowering Women In Russia: Activism,...
Empowering Women In Russia: Activism, Aid and NGOs
49.70 GEL
Illustrated Manuscripts of...
Illustrated Manuscripts of Vepkhistkaosani
50.00 GEL