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"The Bookseller" magazine features Prospero

"The Bookseller" magazine features Prospero's Books in its 12.10.18 edition at Frankfurt Book Fair today:

"Two decades ago Prosperos's Books, the first English language Bookshop in the Caucasus, opened its doors. ...[It] was born into a time of powers cuts, corruption, war across the boarder and very few tourists. Reading the article back now, a nervous phase stands out: "Would there be enough English speakers to keep the business going"..... Then our coffee business- developed by Steve Johnson, Prospero's founder- started to flourish....Even when Kindles started appearing-many bookshops feared- we survived. An attractive, well-written book remains the souvenir and present of choice. Our Georgian customers remained faithful.....
Today, with the tourists properly returning to Georgia, Prospero's has finally established what we'd hoped for at the beginning..... Although the market in Georgia is still is not large, we and the ever-increasing quantity of literary-themed restaurants,cafes,shops and hotels have been made welcome in Tbilisi. Our bookshop with a generator, which two decades ago no one thought would last, is still eagerly pouring the coffee."
Peter Nasmyth



Come  to the launch

of a weird book of fiction

Tuesday 25th October

2016    /    5.30 – 7.30


Who Am I Today is both a collection of short stories and a psychological game - which can be played by the readers. The cards for the game come with the book ready to be cut out. Set between Tbilisi, London, America, each story is a description of someone playing the game. It reveals what happens when a human being is nudged slightly off course.



At the new Prospero’s shop inside the National Archives Exhibition Hall

40 Pekini Avenue, TBILISI. 0160 (near the junction with Vazha Pshavela)