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PROSPERO’s special blend is made from a variety of coffee beans: Columbian, Indonesian Mocha, Kenyan, Brazilian, Haiti and just a little Indian Cherry. All are carefully and proportionally mixed, then roasted together until proofed. Extreme care is taken in the blending process to produce a coffee that is perfectly balanced in taste, body and fragrance. Next

We also have tea!

Why not try our extensive PROSPERO’s Tea selection? We import all our teas from the famous nation of tea-drinkers Cranberry Breeze Herbal Tea Vanilla Black Tea Walnut Sencha Tea Ceylon Supreme Black Cinnamon Apple Black Tea Ginger & Peach Black Tea Peach Mango Bliss Black Tea Strawberry Black Tea Assam Black Tea Cherry Green Tea Madagascar Coconut White Tea Moroccan Mint Green Tea Pomegranate Green Tea Earl Grey Black Tea Blue Lady Black Tea English Breakfast Black Tea Tropical Black Tea Chinese Sencha Organic Green Tea Gunpowder Organic Green African Rose Herbal Tea Apricot Rooibos Herbal Tea Honeybush Herbal Tea Kiwi Strawberry Herbal Tea Peppermint Herbal Rose Hips Herbal We challenge you to learn and try them all. Next

Dedicated roasting exceptional coffee since 1999.
We promise the fresh perfect coffee flavor.
Prospero’s gourmet coffee is imported as green beans directly from the countries of origin. The beans are blended and roasted locally in Tbilisi at Prospero's Books &  Coffeehouse.