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Mirrors and Illusions

Non - Fiction

Mirrors and Illusions

Fady Asly
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“...and when there will be no one left in your life anymore, don’t despair, there will still be music out there to sooth your soul, lift your spirits and fill the void.”

"We finally find happiness the day we learn to appreciate a beautiful sunset, an evening alone with our book, the smile of a grateful beggar, a phone call from our loved ones, a heart moving song, a touching poem, a caressing breeze, the laughter of a child in the street, the aroma of our morning coffee, a refreshing shower, a charming drive in the country side, the hand of the one we love in our hand, a peaceful morning, birds chirping in the trees, a clear blue sky…in short, every amazing and enchanting thing that happens to us every day and that we do rarely notice."

"Happiness is a reward that you take away from adversity added the old man, Happiness is health after illness, money after poverty, love after loneliness, care after neglect, freedom after oppression, victory after defeat, success after failure, food after hunger, water after thirst, relief after pain, happiness is the sun after the storm…you will never feel happy in the sun Henri, if you were never battered by the storm….

And please stop complaining he added, when you can’t go for holidays and you can only sit at your window in the sun, remember that there are prisoners in dark cells who would give years of their life to be sitting for just an hour at your window.

When you can’t afford expensive things but you don’t owe anyone any money, remember all those wealthy people who are riddled with debts and who would gladly trade places with you for just some peace of mind.

When you complain about your children causing trouble, remember that some people who haven’t been blessed with a child would give their life for just one wet kiss.

When you get angry with your parents who are always worried for you, remember the many people who would love to see their parents again for just one last time.

When you are not wealthy but you are healthy, remember how many billionaires would give up all their fortunes only to get their health back.

When you have someone in your life who really loves you and cares for you, don’t take them for granted, remember how many neglected people around the world are wilting without any love or attention.

And when you learn to be grateful for all that life has given you Henri, remember that life will always give you more."