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Dictatorship is the winner radio play of the International BBC Play Write Competition 2009. The play reveals a story of a prosecurot, judge, journalist, Lamara and a fly. Thought this is only an incomplete list of characters inhabiting an unidentified country in their happy and myserable states of being. Bassa Janikashvili managed to stock them in the chambers of a law obedient prosecutor. It is where the sensational occurances unveil: people who have never sinned in their entire lives are forgiven, fear is praised and human sufferings are made for potential future sins. The most brutal judge is the prosecutor himself. In this world of unhappiness, emotions are also regarded as crime and total happines is a necessity. Characters suffer from fear and the solution is sought in feelings – self imposed catharsisis; but first it needs to be obtained and characters try to get there through limiting their freedom. The state of dictate described by the author seems absurd and this impression is further intensified by another character – the fly. It is the only sober and realistically thinking creature. It is equipped with more human emotions and logic. But it all is happening in the prosecutor’s chambers, where even flies find it hard to breath... By the way, it is the only character to think that the only solution is to get out of this room. It tries, but all in vain...

Bassa Janikashvili wrote a book, which reflects challenges of any time, any chamber and any country if people assume that democracy may be substituted with dictatorship. For this very reason the readers will understand that the play is not only a good reading, but has a potential to turn into the chosen one. It may become accaptable to societies of any nation and political orientation. 

Size 13x17