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The Having Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich

Non - Fiction

The Having Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich

Suh Yoon Lee
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When Wharton MBA Jooyun Hong went seeking the true secret of creating wealth, she found herself studying under a mysterious Korean guru who advises the 1% of South Korea. She now shares what she learned in this life-changing narrative: feel the joys of what you have and spend your money according to this feeling.

Suh Yoon Lee was identified as a wealth guru at the age of six by her grandmother, and set off on a course of study--ranging from Asian classical texts to economics to an analysis of 100,000 case studies--to learn the methods for becoming truly rich. Although a bestselling author in South Korea and famed advisor to the 1%, Suh Yoon Lee had retreated into seclusion, troubled by the impact her guidance to the wealthy may have on income disparity around the world.

Jooyun Hong has devoted her adult life to understanding how to build personal wealth without an inheritance in an era of increasing inequality. She emailed the guru asking for an interview, not expecting a response. Instead, the guru invited her to Lake Como, Italy, for a conversation. This invitation set off a life-changing series of lessons about how anyone can apply the true secret of wealth to their lives.

In spectacular destinations ranging from Paris to Tokyo, this intimate narrative traces the growing friendship between these two women in a series of conversations that create a framework for the everyday person to experience the ease and comfort of wealth. The guru cuts an enigmatic figure in the narrative, and her counterintuitive guidance is premised on the notion that almost all people have the capacity to attain 3 to 7 million dollars--and some have a capacity for much more. And that journey begins with feeling what you already have.

As Jooyun applies the guru's practical lessons in her everyday life, she experiences a transformation of her mood, fulfillment, and, ultimately, her net worth--a transformation available to anyone who practices the system of Having.