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If Men are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One?


If Men are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One?

Michelle McKinney Hammond
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Readers have asked for more from Chicago talk show cohost Michelle McKinney Hammond--especially women from her huge following of Christian singles. If Men Are Like Buses will pick them up where two previous bestsellers left off, with counsel that is both enjoyable and instructional. "The mood of the book is conversational, scriptural, with a touch of humor," Michelle says. "It's the kind of book I wanted but couldn't find, so I had to write it!" Singles have been waiting too long to be caught up by human love. When they halt their pursuit and let God's love catch their hearts, they'll be on board for the greatest discovery of all--His true purpose for them. Is Your Love Life Stuck in Traffic? Most single women have heard the old adage "Men are like buses. If you miss one, there's always another one coming." But satisfied single and relationship expert Michelle McKinney Hammond asks, How do you recognize the right bus? And if you didn't learn anything when the first bus passed you by, how can you be sure you'll catch the next one? The key isn't simply flagging down the right bus--it's being the right kind of passenger. Mingling lively humor with scriptural principles, Hammond uses God's blueprint to show how you, too, can move beyond being just interested to being interesting. By developing a victorious, purposeful, and outrageously fulfilling life, you'll naturally be on your way to your desired destination! *** "Hop on the bus for a joyride. If only this book had been available when we were single, we would have saved ourselves a lot of fretting." Susan Wales, author of A Match Made in Heaven, books I and II "Michelle teaches singles how to find fulfillment and love during their season of singleness." Dr. Don Raunikar, psychologist, speaker, and author of Choosing God's Best Story Behind the Book Singles often put the cart before the horse and lose perspective on what is truly important in life. From one single to another, I've made it my mission to realign the thoughts of singles back to the basics of living victoriously by prioritizing their lives according to God's design. As singles become purposeful individuals, they will find themselves in the right position for meeting the right partner. Purposeful singles are happy, fulfilled people who are whole and ready for the awesome task of becoming one with another. Furthermore, they are more discerning and able to make the right choice--or actually, take right bus!