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Your First Year in Sales

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Your First Year in Sales

Tim Connor
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Paperback თხელყდიანი

Real Solutions and Advice from the Sales Trenches

Why did you choose sales as a career? In a word, money! Your new profession has the potential to be both financially rewarding and personally satisfying. But let's face it: Your first year in sales will likely be your most challenging. So, is it possible to enjoy your new career and be a successful salesperson from day one? The answer is yes.

In this revised and updated edition of Your First Year in Sales, professional speaker and sales veteran Tim Connor offers simple, proven strategies to overcome those first-year obstacles and position yourself for lifelong success. You'll find savvy, step-by-step techniques for learning how your skills and talents--your motivation, strengths, willingness to sacrifice, and expectations--can put you on the fast track to being a sales leader.

Be your best from your first sales call by knowing how to:

- Adopt an attitude for sales success and present yourself as wise beyond your years.
- Achieve financial results--immediately.
- Use new technology and social networking to your best possible advantage. NEW!
- Set--and reach--important career goals.
- Overcome adversity, especially during tight economic times. NEW!
- Create and maintain professional sales relationships.
- Obtain an early balance between your life and your career.
- And so much more!

With quizzes, strategies, and resources, and more, this informative, inspirational, and motivational book is your personal mentor, guiding you toward a rewarding sales career.

"Tim Connor is a mater salesman--no one is more qualified to share wisdom on selling."
--Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, full-time speaker, trainer, and bestselling author