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Russia and Its Near Neighbours
Price: 296.00 GEL
Author: Maria Raquel Reire, Roger E. Kanet
Language: English
ISBN: 9780230390171
Pages: 296
Weight: 0.502 kg
Status: In Stock

This volume highlights Russia's relations with its immediate neighbours in a context where the resurgence of Russia has been made visible in its policies and actions. The central argument is that the change in Russia's positioning towards its neighbourhood, with Russia assuming an objective policy of engagement and influence, is evident in its most recent dealings in political, economic and security terms. The contributors to the volume agree that this has become increasingly evident after the events in Georgia in the summer of 2008. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Russia has unlimited influence in the area, a fact that is detailed throughout the chapters. The contributors assess this trend in Russian politics, looking at different areas of activity, such as energy diplomacy or political-military relations, as well as through different theoretical lenses, including a discourse-analysis approach, which is an add-on to the understanding of the dynamics that underline the complexity of these relations.

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