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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

The terms used herein shall have the following meaning:

  • “company”, “Prospero’s Books”-LTD Prospero’s Books
  • “Prospero’s Books Web-Site' - a website owned by LTD  Prospero’s Books, the web address of which is - and all its sub-pages;
  • “Online Store” - an online shop which is the ownership of LTD  Prospero’s Books and its electronic address is indicated in the fourth paragraph;
  • Product“- goods/services placed on Prospero’s Books website for sale, including books, gifts and stationery. CD and DVD, gift card, PBY membership and other items or services posted on the Prospero Books website or which will be posted in the future.
  • “Visitor” - a person who has electronic communication through Prospero’s Books web-site and has not logged in account.
  • Authorization' - the function of access to the information resources available on Prospero’s Books web-site related to computer and information security, along with other rights and privileges, grants a person the right to create his/her personal profile on the web-site of Prospero’s Books for the purpose of using the Online Store, to introduce, to read, to corrector add new profile;
  • “User Page” - a sub-page available on the web-site of Online Store that creates a user registration process and reflects the information entered in this user profile as well as the orders and other information related to it;
  • “Authorization process'”– means granting a person the right to enter the user's virtual name and key on the Prospero’s Books web-site and request authorization;
  • “Registration”- a special procedure conducted through the Internet browser on the web-site of Prospero’s Books, which enables the user to create a virtual username and virtual key, and allows the person to access the Online Store web-site;
  • “Personal Information'”– any information that is defined as 'personal data' by the law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection;
  • “Profile”-any information filled in by the user about himself/herself during registration.
  • “User”- a person who has registered with Prospero’s Books web-site;
  • “Virtual Key” - a combination of symbols that a person sets up on the website of Prospero’s Books when accessing his/her user page and accessing it from other persons for protection;
  • “Prospero’s Books Packing”- packaging, where a person placing an order will receive the product from LTD Prospero’s Books, except for the transportation company's envelope (or other packaging to transport the product), if the packaging has a specially allocated place or opportunity for its opening without any damage; torn, cut or other way of integrity packing shall be deemed a damaged packaging;
  • “Marketable style” - visual and physical condition available at the moment of release of the product by the manufacturer when the product is attractive to the buyer;
  • “Transport Company” - a company that provides consumers with consumer products to deliver on the website of Prospero’s Books and is responsible for timely delivery of the company and / or factory packaging and commodity protection;

2. Electronic Communication Means

When you place an order on our web-site or send us a message, the electronic communication is carried out between you and our company and accordingly LTD  Prospero’s Books will respond to your question or request either electronically (except for the cases prescribed by law) or by sending an e-mail to you, and / or publishing information (reply) in the appropriate section. Therefore, when contacting us, you agree that the electronic communication between the company and you has the power of a written document and both parties have the right to use it as official correspondence between the parties.

3. Copyrights

All products, text, melodies, images, icons, logos, electronically downloadable goods shall be the property of LTD  Prospero’s Books or the owners / suppliers of this product and shall be protected by the Law of Georgia on Copyright law of Georgia and the international law respectively.

4. User Page

4.1. Customers can register on the website of Prospero Online Book Store from the age of 16. Prosperos Books Ltd does not sell products to minors under the age of 16 through the online store -

4.2. Prosperos Book Ltd sells the product to minors under 16 only via Facebook Messenger at the following e-address:

4.3. Prospero Books Ltd is not responsible for any information such as age, address, etc. registered by the user when registering on the website. Prospero Books Ltd is not responsible when referring to inaccuracies(registered information) and the consequences of those inaccuracies. The customer has the obligation to indicate the correct information.

4.4. If you are using Prospero’s Books Online Store and you are registered on the Online Store website, then you have a virtual key to access your page, and you are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your private key against any third party.

5. Product Price

5.1. The prices on our website shall cover the product price and all the taxes provided by the Georgian legislation. If an error is found in the price of the product, Prospero Books reserves the right to cancel the customer's order or to request a refund after the product has been ordered, unless it is otherwise agreed in form of writing between Prospero Books and the User.

5.2. After selecting the desired product, and selecting a payment button, the sum shall be automatically written off from your card.

6. Limited Responsibility

6.1. LTD Prospero’s Books shall not be liable for any damage or loss directly or indirectly arising from the use or non-use of the Online Store.

6.2. The carrier company shall solely liable for any damage caused as the result of transportation of the product, however, the User shall notify the relevant service of LTD  Prospero’s Books about any unwanted circumstances and the Company shall reserve the right to make a final decision on the problem.


7. Personal Information

7.1. Prospero’s Books LTD is obliged to protect the user's personal data in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, including the legislation on personal data protection.

7.2. We receive and store any information you provide to us in the online store or through any other medium. You may not provide this or that information, but in this case, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits required for this or that information, for example, if we do not know your address we will not be able to calculate shipping cost before ordering and address information.

7.3. Automatically provided information - We store and use information automatically provided by your internet browser, such as 'cookies'.

7.4. In the case of a mobile phone - while you use the mobile application of Prospero’s Books LTD . (if any) we may receive and use information about your location and the unique number of your device (EMEI, MAC Address, etc.). We may use this information to provide location-appropriate services for you.

7.5. Email - In order to improve your email communications, we often receive confirmation that you have received our email and read it.

7.6. Information from other sources - We may also receive information about you from other sources, and we may add this information to your information about you. For example, if you use Facebook login, then we may automatically retrieve information about you provided openly by Facebook.

7.7. Prospero’s Books LTD stores personal data according to the expiration date of the account, before the account is canceled.

8. Transfer of information to a third party

8.1. Prospero’s Books uses the banking and courier services of other companies in order to carry out its activities and provide a complete service to the customer to a third party. In this case, Prospero Books provides the necessary personal information (name, surname, address, personal number, bank account number, one-time order code, order date) to the third party and / or persons.

8.2. Our company is an ever-evolving company, therefore we may start a new kind of business, in which case we may use the information we have about you for our new business interests. When we implement direct marketing, customers will have the opportunity to refuse the content of the direct marketing product in the future. (Advertising)

8.3. If we intend to transfer information about you to a third party (except in the above cases) we will notify you in writing and will transfer the information to a third party only after receiving your confirmation.

8.4. The transfer of personal data to a third party, which is not provided for in this Agreement and the legislation, may take place only with the written consent of the data subject.

9. User Responsibility for Own Information Security

You shall be liable for access of other persons to your computer and your code, always use the 'Log Out' function when you leave your computer unattended.

10. User access to their own data

10.1. The user has access to all the data about him / her entered on the Prospero’s books website, which he / she entered in person during the registration on the Prospero books website.

10.2. Customers have the right to change, correct, add, delete or cancel the information provided by them on the Prospero’s books website at any time. The procedure for transferring money when paying by Visa and MasterCard is carried out according to the rules of the relevant bank, Visa and MasterCard. We are not responsible for the payment procedure or possible consequences.

11. Product delivery period and rule, method of payment

11.1. Customers can place an order for the desired book in 2 ways:

11.1.1. Ordering site decoration;

11.1.2. Via Facebook Messenger to the following email address -;

11.2. When ordering on the site, payment is made by Visa or MasterCard, and when ordering on Facebook, by bank transfer;

11.3. Delivery service in Tbilisi is provided on the second working day, in the regions of Georgia - 2-4 days, international remittances are delivered in 3-6 weeks;

11.4. When ordering outside the borders of Georgia, the customer is sent a route code, through which he will control the location of the order.

11.5. If the packaging of the product supplied to the customer is damaged, the customer has the right not to pick up the product and demand a refund, otherwise if there is a violation of the product packaging and the customer receives the product Prospero’s Books is not liable for any possible damage caused by packaging damage.

12. Product return period

12.1.Return or exchange of Prospero books product is allowed within 3 working days.

12.2. Will not be exchanged and will not be returned as a product that has already been used by the customer or has at least some traces of damage / consumption.

12.3 Return of the sold product is possible only if the product delivered to the customer differs from the product ordered by him and its packaging or original appearance is not violated. In this case, Prosperos Books Ltd, after returning the product and inspecting it for damage, will replace it with the appropriate product or if this is not possible within the next 10 days will refund the amount to the same account from which the payment was made

13. Governing Law

When using Prospero’s Books Online Store, you agree that any dispute that may arise between you and LTD Prospero’s Books shall be governed by the Georgian laws And will be reviewed by the common courts of Georgia.

14. Official appeal to Prospero’s Books LTD .

Official appeals and letters to Prosperos Books LTD  will be considered delivered if it is delivered by insured mail to the following address: Tbilisi, Rustaveli Ave. 34 or by e-mail to the address:

15. Terms of use, warnings and changes

In case of changes in the legislation in force in Georgia or in accordance with the standard terms of the company policy, the company is not obliged to inform the customer about it, therefore the customer should periodically check the rules of use of the company's online store.

16. Validity of the agreement and the rules for making changes

16.1. This Agreement applies to the use of the Prospero Books Website by a person, as well as to the settlement of a legal relationship arising out of the use of the Online Store.

16.2. In the part of this agreement, which regulates the sale of products supplied by Prospero Books, any changes will be made, the rule established by this agreement at the moment of the legal relationship to purchase a particular product and will remain in force until the end of this legal relationship.

16.3. Amendments to the other part of this agreement shall take effect the day following of publication on the Prospero Book’s website.