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Delivery Service

Delivery Service

Please, place the order of your desired item on web-site or contact us by Facebook Messenger

We deliver the your orders  in Georgia and internationally  as well. We accept Visa or Mastercard for the payment on the web-site, as far as on Facebook, the payment can be done by the bank wire transfer.


Please, register on our web-site and fill all the lines. For the information, your name, exact address and contact phone number (where the currier should contact you ) are must. International deliveries may take longer than usual. When placing the  International Order, you will receive the tracking number which will enable to track your orders and deliveries.


We deliver in Tbilisi on the next Business day.

Other regions of Georgia in  2-4 business day

International delivery- 3-6 weeks

In case of individual help and support, please, contact by Facebook messenger or by email