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Blackberry Wine
Price: 39.80 GEL
Author: Joanne Harris
Language: English
ISBN: 9780380815920
Pages: 357
Weight: 0.35 kg
Status: In Stock

As a boy, writer Jay Mackintosh spent three golden summers in the ramshackle home of "Jackapple Joe" Cox. A lonely child, he found solace in old Joe's simple wisdome and folk charms. The magic was lost, however, when Joe disappeared without warning fall. Years later, Jay's life stalled with regret and ennui. His bestselling novel Jackaple Joe, was published ten years earlier and he has written nothing since. Impulsively, he decides to leave his urban life in London and, sight unseen, purchases a farmhouse in the remote French village of Lansquenet. There, in that strange and yet strangely familiar place, Jay hopes to re-create the magic of those golden childhood summers. And while the spirit of Joe is calling to him, it is actually a similarly haunted, reclusive woman who will ultimaately help Jay find himself again.

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