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METRO 2033
Price: 32.00 GEL
Language: English
ISBN: 9780575086258
Pages: 458
Weight: 0.320 kg
Status: In Stock

A smash hit aroun Europe, the highly acclaimed Metro 2033 plugnes you into a claustrophobic world where hope is scarce and despair reigns supreme. The year is 2033. The world has been reduced to rubble. Humanity is nearly extinct. A few thousand live on, not knowing if they are only survivors on the planet. They live in the Moscow Metro - the biggest air-raid shelter ever built. It is humanity's last refuge. It is a world without a tommorow, with no room for dreams, plans, hopes. Feelings have given way to instinct - the most important of which is survival. Survival at any price. VDNKH is the northernmost inhabited station on its line and still remains secure. But now a new and terrible threat has appeared. Artyom, a young man living in VDNKH, is given the task of penetrating to the heart of the Metro, to the legendary Polis, to alert everyone to the awful danger and get help. He holds the future of his natie station in his hands, the future of the Metro - and maybe the whole of humanity.

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