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METRO 2034
Price: 30.50 GEL
Language: English, English, English
ISBN: 9781473204300
Pages: 311
Weight: 0.224 kg
Status: In Stock

It's the year 2034. After a devastating war much of the world lies in ruins. Moscow is a ghost town. A few survivors retreated into the depths of the underground network to build a new civilization. They found only darkness... At the Sevastopol station, cut off from the Metro, a man appears. Colonel Hunter. He fights a lonely war against the dark, journeying deep into the monster haunted depths of the tunnels. at his side is homer, an old man who knows th legends of the Metro like no other and will write its history. When the two meet the 17-year-old Sasha, Homer believes he has found the perfect pair for his epic poem. But will they live to write the tale?

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