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Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War
Price: 50.00 GEL
Author: Thomas de Waal
Language: English
ISBN: 9780814760321
Pages: 388
Weight: 0.570 kg
Status: Not in Stock

Black Garden is the definite  study of how Armenia and Azerbaijan, two  southern Soviet republics, were pulled into a conflict that helped bring them to independence, spell the end the Soviet Union, and plunge a region of great importance into a decade of turmoil. Part contemporary history, part political analysis, the book is based on extensive travel through the South Caucasus; more than 120 original interviews in the region, Moscow and Washington; and unique historical primary sources, such as Politburo archives. The historical chapters trace how the conflict lay unresolved in the Soviet era, how Armenian and Azerbaijani societies unfroze it, how the Politburo failed to cope with the crisis, how the war was fought and ended, and how the international community failed to sort out the conflict. What emerges is a complex and subtle portrait of a beautiful and fascinating region blighted by historical prejudice and conflict. The revised and updated 10th-year anniversary edition includes a new foreword, a new chapter covering developments up to 2012, such as the elections of new presidents in both countries, Azerbaijan's oil boom, and the new arms race in the region. Also included is a new conclusion that analyzes the reasons for the intractability of the cobnflict and whether there are any prospects for its resolution. Telling the story of the first conflict to shake Mikhail Gobrachev's Soviet Union, Black Garden remains a central account of the reality of the post-Soviet world.

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