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Sophies World
Price: 35.00 GEL
Language: English
ISBN: 9780374530716
Pages: 516
Weight: 1 kg
Status: In Stock

With more than thirty million copies in print, Sophie’s World is an exciting, entirely innovative novel that thrives on its contractions. It is a page-turning adventure as well as history of Western Philosophy- from the discourse of ancient Greece to debates about the Big Bang. Yet it is also a refreshingly contemporary  coming-of-age novel with echoes of science fiction.

The games begin when fourteen-year- old Sophie Amundsen find two notes in her mailbox. One note asks “Who are you” The other asks “where does the world come from” From here, with the aid of a devoted by mysterious instructor, Sophie sets off on a fantastic philosophical saga that will take her far beyond her small Norwegian hometown. Letters give away to lectures, questions give away to quests, and the dimensions of Sophie’s World (as well as our own) grow ever wider, deeper, and richer)

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