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Luxury Backpackers : Honeymoons in Style
Price: 29.90 GEL
Author: Jill Nash and Carlo Nash
Language: English
ISBN: 9781840916928
Pages: 211
Weight: 0.532 kg
Status: In Stock
This beautiful hybrid travel guide/coffee-table book encompasses LuxuryBackpackers ethos of the contrasting themes of luxury and backpacking.Featuring over 200 pages of the some of the worlds' finest honeymoondestinations from 8 different locations around the world, including France, Italy, Morocco, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, South Pacific and Brazil.Honeymoons in Style, is a guidebook ideally suited to independenttravellers who have just got married, or about to get married and want apersonalised honeymoon that breaks away from the more traditional, e.g 2 weeks in a resort. The focus is on spas, culture, the great outdoors, gastronomy; all the things you might expect on a honeymoon, while stillenjoying the benefits of travelling to a unique destination and the freedomto explore like a backpack


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