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Flatweaves of Turkey
Price: 90.00 GEL
Author: Arend Bandsma, Robin Brandt
Language: English
ISBN: 856675288
Pages: 164
Weight: 1.1 kg
Status: Not in Stock

Flatweavers of Turkey is born of the authors' wish to share their enthusiasm for kilims and related flat-woven textiles. They regard those woven by mainly nomadic and village women in Turkey in the past, before synthetic dyes and commercialism (among other things) saw a loss of many of the traditional skills, to have the most varied and innovative designs, and to be amongthe most beautifully coloured of all weavings.   In the book, a wide range of kilim types from diverse regions of Turkey is illustrated and discussed. Also included is a selection of bags and cushions, the beauty and refinement of which is often overlooked. The authors attempt to relate the weavings to the various groups who made them and, in doing so, to examine the origins of the Turkic and Kurdish elements of the population. The nomadic lifestyle, an essential part of everyone's past, also comes under scrutiny.  Drawing on their years of experience in collecting and restoration, the authors have provided an accurate account of the various weaving techniques, and have clarified some methods which are often wrongly described. Separate sections are devoted to the importance of textiles in the history of mankind, the materials, and the sources of the dyes used to obtain the glorious colours of the past. The authors have avoided making fanciful speculations, seen in some recent publications, about the origins of design elements. Above all, Flatweaves of Turkey is compiled from the enthusiast-collector point of view, instead of that of the dealer.

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