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Six Days To Catch A Killer. Skinjob
Price: 32.00 GEL
Author: Bruce McCabe
Language: English
ISBN: 9780593074091
Pages: 414
Weight: 0.6 kg
Status: In Stock

SOCIETY IS DIVIDED, Silicon Valley has taken virtual sex to the extreme, encouraging men to act out their darkest and most violent sexual fantasies. Militant feminists and churches are bitterly opposed. Powerful corporations battle for market control. In the midst of a fierce protest campaign, a bomb goes off in San Francisco.TWELVE ARE DEADDaniel Madsen is one of a new breed of federal agents armed with a gun, a badge and a handheld lie detector. He’s a fast operator and his instructions are simple: find the bomber before he strikes again.A NIGHTMARE AWAITSMadsen plunges headlong into a sleazy, unsettling world where reality and fantasy are indistinguishable, exploitation is business as usual and the web of corruption extends all the way to Washington … only to discover the stakes are higher than he could ever imagine.

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