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Prospero’s Books is 20 years

Prospero’s Books is 20 years


Prosperos Bookshop and café opened its doors on the world, 17th October 1999. We were then the first English language bookshop café not only in Georgia, but the entire Caucasus region.

Our purpose was to serve the local community with a full range of international literature, language teaching, and informational books in a central location. Luckily, we found a quiet courtyard at No 34 Rustaveli Avenue – which was about as good as we could get. 


Our other intention was to become the first port of call for tourists, foreigners and visitors of all kinds to the Georgian capital. We would stock up-to-date guide books, maps, local newspapers, novels, have a notice board and internet café where people could meet,exchange stories and prepare for their next Caucasian adventure


But for a good café we needed good coffee. At the time there was a shortage in Tbilisi. So not only did we begin importing our own beans, we then roasted and ground them too, actually on the premises. Prospero’s blend of coffee is still famous in Tbilisi today. Since that day we have expanded, doubling in size. We have also opened two new branches, one at Betsy’s Hotel and the other At the Exhibition Center of the National Archives on Vasha Pshavela street.


Prospero’s continues to thrive to this da– and on 17thOctober 2019 we celebrate our 20th birthday to become the longest surviving business on Rustaveli Avenue.


Live Long, Prospero's" Tony Hanmer, "Georgia Today", Oct-2019

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Prospero's 20 Anniversary Video

Prospero's in 1999 video