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His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama An Illustrated Biography

Non - Fiction

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama An Illustrated Biography

Tenzin Geyche Tethong
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This biography of the Dalai Lama--blessed by His Holiness himself--is the most authentic and intimate profile of the world's greatest living spiritual figure. Tenzin Geyche Tethong, a close aide of His Holiness for forty years who became family, offers readers unprecedented access to the Dalai Lama in this beautifully illustrated book. The Dalai Lama's youngest brother, Ngari Rinpoche Tenzin Choegyal, who was only 12 years old when he accompanied His Holiness on his dangerous 1959 escape to India, is a personal friend of Tethong and the mentor for this book project. As "elders" to the Tibetan community in exile, these men have come together to tell the true story of His Holiness--their brother, friend, and leader.

Featuring previously unpublished photographs, as well as interviews and memories of those closest to him, this book renders unparalleled insights into the Dalai Lama's experiences as the preeminent leader of Tibet, and the wealth of his compassion and gentle humor in the face of the ongoing conflict. This is in no small part due to Tethong and Ngari Rinpoche's unique perspectives on many sensitive issues.

Richly compelling, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama: An Illustrated Biography is a stunning visual celebration of the Dalai Lama, sketching a memorable portrait of an icon and a cause that have won the attention and hearts of billions across the world.

- As his long-time personal secretary, Tethong was privy to the Dalai Lama's difficult relationship with India during his exile, with many challenges arising from his host country's ambivalence to Tibet. Tethong candidly discusses India's lackluster attempts at uplifting his people--denying them official documentation, restricting employment, and crowding refugees in the remote location of Dharmsala--citing its fear of angering China as the reason behind its ambivalence towards Tibet.