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Children`s Hour

Children`s Hour

Children`s Hour
Prospero's Books can be a great place to provide entertainment for your children and give you a break for an hour or two. We provide story telling, activities and lots more for children while older kids can wander around and find what interests them. Juice & cookies provided... books galore & fun guaranteed!
While waiting, parents may treat themselves to a Caliban’s coffee and cupcake and browse through our range of books. Every Sunday, 12pm.
Why story telling is important for children
Story telling is a wonderful way to unlock a child’s imagination. Story telling lets us "break the rules" for a little while, so that we can explore beyond the bounds of ordinary life and reality. This is immensely liberating and exciting for kids, whose lives are bound by parent's rules.
Story telling requires a child’s attention and helps them develop their own inner mental imagery. Unlike watching TV or movies, story telling requires children to cultivate their own imaginative responses and visualizations to go with a narrative.
Story telling introduces notions of problem-solving. Some stories involve a character who gets into trouble, and has to think creatively in order to save themselves or others. These stories demonstrate to children how we can use our creativity to work through difficulties we encounter in life.
Story telling creates a safe space for exploring issues that are important to kids; being silly, getting into trouble (and out of it), how to be happy (and what to do when we’re not), and what happens when we grow and change.